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A subset of the projects that Tentmaker Systems has successfully delivered

Xilinx Philips/NXP PCIexpress PX Surfboard.

                  Tentmaker Systems designed the verification platform for the NXP Kahoo 2 PX1011A PCIexpress PHY. They then integrated the XILINX x1 core into the board with Tentmaker RTL. This board is available for purchase from Tentmaker Systems.

SAA7162 PCIexpress and Video ASIC Verification in FPGAs:

                  Tentmaker Systems Team designed 2 large FPGA boards using XC2VP50's and XC2V8000's and XC2V3000's to target and verify the PCIexpress Video ASIC chip. The chip had full functionality on the first spin.

NorthStar PCI Express:

                  HD SDI and 4 CCIR656 Video Streams over PCI Express, using the Xilinx PCI Express core. Architecture, Board Design, Layout,  Fab, Assembly, Debug, Demo at IDF from start to finish in 3 months (a month ahead of schedule). A version of this board is available for purchase if you are willing to be qualified by the original customer. Uses Xilinx XC2VP50 and upto 4 MGTs. For more information please contact us.


                  DIVA Systems Transport Processor Module FPGA, Complete re-architecture and redesign of their Transport Processor FPGA.


                  DIVA Systems Transport Processor Board II.  Architect of the second generation of the DIVA board for Video On Demand.  Architecture and designed of core heartbeat FPGA, the M4SPROC, a 4 stream MPEG TS processor.


                  DIVA Systems Tester board. Architecture, design, schematic entry, layout and debug of large test board with multiple connectors and connections to allow a fast test and bring-up environment for the DIVA TPMII boards.


                  Luminous Video TS DVB to Ethernet Board including all FPGAs.  Implementation of an FPGA to convert and reconvert Video TS to IP over Ethernet to allow it to be transmitted over any 100baseT network. Board and FPGA used for demo systems at shows and was used to capture a critical investment. Architecture, Design, Implemetation, Schematic, Layout and Debug.


                  Luminous Backplane MAC FPGA. Multiple flavors of this key FGPA are being shipped in all Luminous Products, with multiple per card and up to 6 on the Switch Card. From start to finish in 7 weeks. Speed 78MHz (when 78MHz was the top end).

LMAC 2.5G:

                  Luminous Backplane MAC FPGA. This FPGA is being shipped in all 2.5G Luminous products. 156MHz

VIP I/F:    

                  FPGA interface for MPEG TS and I2S and SPDIF to VESA-VIP bus.


                  iCompression Encoder PCI board architecture and schematic


                 Altera Cyclone FPGA PCI interface to Proprietary Bus interface inluding CCIR656 Capture and MPEG output

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