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The PX WAVE-01 Design Kit   

 What it is: A PCIexpress® evaluation and development board with the Philips/NXP PCIexpress® PX1011A-EL1 x1 PHY and a Spartan 3 FPGA . This board was used by Philips/NXP, Xilinx and EurekaTech to prototype their products and cores and to pass compliance. This board provides 4 analog Video Capture ports (see below for block diagram).


 PRICE LOWERED Available NOW in Limited Quantities - Boards shipped within 48 hours.

XC3S1000-FG676-5C     US$495

XC3S2000-FG676-5C     US$895

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Also contact us for PIPE-C boards. These are boards that have the PIPE interface broken out to a standardized Connector.

References to the PX WAVE in the News and on the Web



Xilinx 1, Xilinx 2

Xilinx IO Cell Magazine Article, January 2006: New PCI Express Solution Simplifies Video Security Applications


Xilinx Web Page for above Article


Click here for a Product Info Spec.


Please note: The Xilinx Core and  Tentmaker RTL are NOT included but may be licensed for customization or users can write their own code using the UCF file provided. Similarly Software is not included since it will be specific to your particular application and your particular implementation. However as mentioned, a bitfile incorporating the Xilinx Core is provided that will allow the card to be recognized by the OS and allow you to re-verify that your card is still functional after your development. Other partner cores are also available directly from that partner e.g. EurekaTech.



  Tentmaker Systems can customize this board to your specifications then layout, fab & assemble boards for your prototyping within 5-8 weeks.


        Scroll down for Block diagram  and Photograph or view Product Info Spec.

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                Block Diagram


    Board Photograph

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